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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

are you up for the challenge??

ready to eat just ONE more plant-based meal a day for the next 20 days? whether you want to eat more plant-based for your health, our planet, or for the animals, I'm SO proud of you for wanting to make this change! and I've created the perfect guide to get you started. I got you covered from everything to what to buy at the grocery store to ideas for every single meal of the day!

ready to eat more plant-based and join the #livewellwitharielle community? let's get started!



1. literally ANYTHING in the produce section (fruits, veggies, potatoes, and leafy greens should make up 75-90% of your diet!)

  • BUY ALL THE PRODUCE. buy whatever fruits, veggies, potatoes, and leafy greens you enjoy the most, it's totally up to you! :)

  • also try to buy organic when you can to reduce your pesticide/chemical exposure

  • check out the frozen aisle too! stock up on all the organic frozen fruit you want for delicious smoothies

  • personal faves: oranges, kiwi, apples, mangoes, bananas, mixed greens, sweet potatoes, golden potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, bell peppers, celery

2. lentil/chickpea/green pea/brown rice/quinoa pasta

- stocking up on pasta is the easiest thing ever when you're feeling lazy and need something super quick

- found in the normal pasta aisle

- experiment with different types of GF pasta and find out what you like!

- make sure it's gluten-free and try to avoid GMO corn pasta

3. marinara sauce

- to go with the pasta! also found in the pasta aisle!

- try and look for organic sauce with no citric acid, vinegar, sugar, canola oil, or other preservatives

- personal fav: whole foods fat-free organic marinara that only costs $2.50!

4. cans of beans and chickpeas

- so easy to add to any meal. just drain, add, and eat!

- experiment with black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, white beans, etc.

5. hummus

- literally one of my fav things to add for flavor to any dish! eat with plain roasted or steamed potatoes and veggies and you're good to go!

- remember to try and find a brand without any canola oil, soybean oil, or citric acid

- personal fav: haig's delicacies brand from whole foods (the regular one, not the organic one because for whatever reason the organic one has citric acid in it which is dumb). this brand is only found in the bay area but you can also make your own hummus if you can't find a clean brand

6. salsa

- another crazy simple and delicious thing to add to breakfast potatoes or a huge buddha bowl or a plant-based mexican bowl!

- avoid a brand without citric acid and buy organic if you can

- personal fav: amy's organic salsa from whole foods

7. guacamole

- great salad dressing option or eat with some GF chips!

- easy to make on your own or most supermarkets sell it fresh too

- personal fav: whole foods guac

8. coconut aminos

- made from coconut nectar and (believe it or not) it tastes just like soy sauce...but better!

- such amazing flavor and great for sautéing your veggies

- oil-free, soy-free, and super tasty! most grocery stores have it

- personal fav: coconut secret or big tree farms

9. tahini

- simple to make a quick salad dressing (like my maple tahini dressing) or use to make fresh hummus!

- look for raw tahini with no other ingredients added

10. himalayan pink salt, pepper, garlic powder

- essentials for seasoning your veggies and potatoes you roast in the oven and literally anything else



1. smoothie

- experiment with any frozen fruit and leafy green combos you like! many smoothie recipes on my page.

2. oatmeal

- make sure the oats are 100% gluten-free, cook with water or any nut milk you like, then add fruit on top!

3. roasted potatoes

- who doesn't love breakfast potatoes in the morning? I personally love red or golden potatoes but use any you like and just cook on the stovetop!

4. chia pudding

- SO. FREAKING. EASY. literally sits in your fridge and it's done. recipe on my page.

5. fruit salad

- chop up a bunch of your favorite fruits and you're good to go my friend!

6. avocado toast

- use your favorite V/GF bread, slice up some avocado, add some lemon juice and salt and you've got the ultimate millennial breakfast!

7. warm apple porridge

- so delicious during the winter season when you want something grain-free! recipe on my page.

8. oat pancakes

- 5-ingredient recipe on my page. no dairy, eggs, or gluten but ALL the flavor.

9. cinnamon baked pears

- warm, delicious, and guaranteed to make your house smell like heaven. recipe on my page.

10. coconut yogurt parfait

- top with fruit and GF granola and you'll never even miss dairy yogurt. easy to make your own coconut yogurt or try my fav brand called lavva (found at whole foods)



1. dried fruit

- organic raisins, dried mangoes, dried figs, and apple chips are some of my favs.

2. veggies and hummus

- experiment with any raw veggies you like, chop em up, and eat with hummus. done!

3. trail mix

- nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. so simple and so yummy. just read the ingredients beforehand. or better yet: make your own!

4. fresh fruit

- the possibilities are endless! I personally love munching on kiwi, oranges, bananas, apples, and dates for a snack.

5. roasted seaweed

- so crunchy and salty and 100x better than oily potato chips. just check the ingredients.

6. crackers and nut cheese

- I personally love the simple mills brand for crackers and the miyoko's brand for nut cheese

7. bananas and apples with almond butter

- delicious and amazing

8. cassava chips and salsa/guac

- siete chips (sea salt flavor) are my fav but there's a dozen other cassava chips on the market now too

9. granola bars

- I don't have a fav brand of granola bars right now since I don't eat them that much, but I am currently obsessed with lara bars which are just fruit and nut bars!

10. roasted chickpeas

- crunchy and amazing when you have a salty craving. I like the biena brand best.



1. oven roasted potatoes and veggies

- season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cook at 400 degrees F for 30 min! this is literally like 75% of my lunches and dinners lol.

2. pasta with marinara sauce

- SO EASY. just follow the directions on your pasta box! then add any veggies or leafy greens you want.

3. sautéed veggies with coconut aminos

- just throw your chopped veggies in a pan, use coconut aminos to prevent sticking and add flavor, then eat when the veggies are tender. serve with rice or quinoa if desired.

4. loaded salad with maple tahini dressing

- make a huge salad with your fav leafy greens and veggies and drizzle my maple tahini dressing (recipe on page) and you've got a mouth-watering lunch.

5. mexican bowl

- one can of pinto/black beans, rice, guac, salsa, and any veggies you want like zucchini and bell peppers.

6. veggie soup

- homemade soup is crazy easy to make even if you've never made it before. don't be afraid to try a new recipe!

7. cucumber-avocado sushi rolls

- order this while at a japanese restaurant or simply make them yourself and use coconut aminos to dip!

8. buddha bowl with hummus

- as far as I know a buddha bowl is just a large bowl with just a sh*t ton of veggies and greens in throw in whatever cooked or raw veggies you want and add hummus and enjoy!

9. baked potatoes/sweet potatoes

- rinse your potatoes, poke with a fork a couple times, throw on a pan, then cook for 30-40 min at 400 degrees F. then add guac and salsa and hummus and you got a meal!

10. asian noodle stir-fry

- buy some organic rice noodles, cook em, then toss them in a pan with some veggies and coconut aminos! you'd be surprised at how amazing it tastes!

YOU GOT THIS!! your health, the environment, and all the animals in the world will thank you :) and don't forget to tag me at @livewellwitharielle so I can see your amazing food. hope this was helpful for you guys! and if you want even more resources for plant-based inspiration check out @veganuary on IG or just search the hashtag #vegan or #plantbased ! thanks for reading and comment below if this guide was helpful! (also none of this was sponsored in any way, these are brands that I genuinely love and use!) love, arielle

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