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about me


as a soul healer and certified holistic health coach, I have dedicated my life to help others heal in every sense of the word. if you are suffering with chronic illness, I was once in your shoes. and now, I am here to be your guide to help you heal for good.



"I was at a really low point in my health journey and I was feeling pretty helpless. I was looking for different health coaches online and on Instagram to give me advice and I did not feel a connection with any of them. Then I found Arielle! I could instantly tell that she was a genuine person and really wanted to help me heal. After our first health session I got so much clarity and even got to vent about things and have a few laughs. She helped me get into the right headspace for healing and I’m so grateful for her kindness and advice. I have so much love for her!”

 -Nikki L., 19

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