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as a highly intuitive empath, soul healer, and certified holistic health coach, my ultimate goal in life is to help people heal in every sense of the word.

I believe in getting to the root cause of your chronic health issues through a personalized wellness regimen that will not only improve your health, but teach you sustainable, healthy habits to use for the rest of your life.


with our one-on-one sessions I will get to know your individual body, guide you through each step of your healing journey, and help you take back your life once and for all.


so are you ready to start living well?  let's get started!

live well with arielle



  • one free 30-minute zoom session

  • get to know each other and discuss your personal health goals

  • figure out which program is best for you


(1:1 coaching)

  • 12 weekly zoom sessions (60 minutes each)

  • a combination of 6 intuitive readings and 6 health coaching sessions to help empower the mind, body, and soul

  • specifically designed for chronic illness warriors who want individualized support with finding the right plant-based diet, emotional trauma healing, mental health support, spiritual guidance, mind-body connection and self-confidence, supplement guidance, exercise routines, & overall deep soul healing

  • plus UNLIMITED email/DM support to ask me questions any time!



  • 1 zoom session (60 minutes)

  • a form of energetic healing and spiritual therapy where I am able to use my intuition to identify any emotional blockages preventing you from moving forward in your healing, help you release these blockages, connect with your spirit guides or ancestors, and help you find the clarity and connection you may be missing

  • (DM me or email me to set up! no consultation required!)

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